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Finding the Ultimate Level of Health with a Personal Trainer

Totality Living Well was founded in April of 2014 by Scott and Michelle Williams. Totality Living Well is based on a comprehensive approach to health and wellness encompassing nutrition, movement, environmentally healthy choices and finding personal balance with body, mindset and spirit.

Our mission

Looking for Premiere Personal Trainers in Knoxville, Tennessee?

Totality Living Well offers premiere personal training and customized health coaching options in Knoxville, Tennessee, nutrition consulting, concentrated work out plans, health coaching, competition preparation, sports training, and family health programs. Whether you want to get fit for summer or want to put in that final “pump” before a show, Michelle and Scott Williams are available to help you through any of your fitness needs.

Michelle Williams is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist with more than 15 years of experience as a health coach. She specializes in personal training for women and children, and her women-specific boot camps are growing increasingly popular in the Knoxville area. Michelle’s work as a health coach can also focus on women’s hormonal shifts and how those impact metabolism. She can show clients how to utilize holistic nutrition principles and movement to achieve the best results for the female body. Michelle, along with Scott, has appeared as a regular guest on Knoxville’s NBC (WBIR), Fox (WTNZ) and ABC (WATE) affiliates, offering advice on everything from cooking and nutrition to fitness. Additionally, Michelle has shared her expertise through public speaking and health writing. Her background is in endurance running, and she has competed in triathlons and long-distance events. As a working mother of two boys, Michelle understands the challenges families face, including schedule conflicts, budget constraints, juggling family members’ dietary limitations and needs, and how poor eating can lead to health-related consequences.

Scott Williams has more than 25 years of experience as a health coach and personal trainer. He has worked with athletes of all ages, in sports ranging from football, baseball, running and golf to strength training and conditioning, competitive body building and figure competitions. Scott also specializes in neuromuscular massage for preventative and post-injury rehabilitation. As a certified nutrition specialist, Scott creates practical, customized nutrition guidelines and meal plans for clients who want to take the guesswork out of healthy eating. He also offers grocery store shop-along courses, for a personalized and hands-on learning experience about appropriate food choices. Scott, along with Michelle, has appeared as a regular guest on Knoxville’s NBC (WBIR), Fox (WTNZ) and ABC (WATE) affiliates, offering advice on everything from cooking and nutrition to fitness. His personal athletic background includes football, track and field, mountain biking and bodybuilding.

Scott and Michelle enjoy working in tandem to create an individualized plan for each client. Their combined skills and wide spectrum of knowledge benefit both the active athlete as well as the beginner seeking to improve his or her health. Scott and Michelle have appeared as regular guests on Knoxville’s NBC (WBIR), Fox (WTNZ) and ABC (WATE) affiliates, offering advice on everything from cooking and nutrition to fitness.

Fitness and movement are represented by the blue swirl in the wheel of life.

This includes services in personal training, body-sculpting coaching and massage therapy for all members of the family. Functionality and preventative health are just as important as the aesthetics that we all desire.

Nutrition is represented by the red swirl in the wheel of life.

It centers on healthy eating choices for individuals of all ages, customized dietary plans, families eating together to build a healthier relationship with food, in-home cooking courses and grocery store shop-along coaching trips. Fueling the body properly can be a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Personal balance in all areas of life is represented by the green swirl.

When one or two areas dominate our focus other areas are often neglected. That leaves a state of imbalance. We suggest ways to achieve harmony with nutrition, fitness, hormonal guidance, environment, family, work and play.

Environmental health is represented by the brown swirl.

We guide individuals in ways to make the home a healthy sanctuary for clean living. We believe that the exposure to everyday toxins can sometimes throw health into a state of imbalance with hormonal disorders and unnecessary low energy levels

TLw WAS FOUNDED on a passion to help others live the life that God intended.

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